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I was talking to a woman who kept bringing up her relationship with God. It's not hard to know, in America, what this "relationship with God" looks like. After all, I live here too. I noticed the wedding ring on her finger and asked her, "If your husband came to you one day and told you he'd learned all he needs about you. He told you he wanted to spend time golfing, playing cards, boating, and having fun with his friends. He said he would put comments about you on facebook and list he's married but he really didn't need to spend much time with you, a couple hours a week on the weekend would be suffice.", would you say that was a relationship? She responded - "no". I then asked, "Why do we call that a relationship with God?"

I’ve been told more than once that there are more important things than the teachings of the end days. This is not a statement that I believe to be true since the prophecies are about the condition of the church and Revelation is a book that was written to all generations. All generations will have to deal with the contents of Revelation in some way.

I would like to touch base with the great falling away that was prophesied to happen in the End Days and also the great move of God.

Since the true condition of the church has been revealed to me, I’ve desired to see an upper room experience. I'm not looking for a repeat of what we read about with an interaction of the power of God's spirit on man, this introduction has happened, but in the body of Christ being in one mind and one accord. This truth should be the emphasized point within that story. It was the description that was used to show a trigger of the move of God.

Many pastors have a great desire for a revival within the church, the town, the state, the country, and the world. I feel a great DESIRE for revival by God Himself. I feel Adonai waiting for the opportunity to move like He used to, but He’s being held back by His own people.

Think back to when you were in school, and there was that boy or girl that you desired to be yours. You constantly thought about them, you may have dreamed about them, you watched them hoping to get that glance. And, if you got a glance from that boy or girl your breathing deepened and your heart rate increased. Most people have had this experience yet when that boy or girl started dating someone else and never paid you any attention, many of you went home and cried into your pillow.

Now that you’ve brought back that memory and that feeling, take that feeling and multiply it by ten and you will not come close to the desire that our Father has for you to spend time with Him.

Revival is nothing more than to revive; revive your walk with God. There was a time that revival swept across the land, yet today we have pulled further from God. And while there are many who desire to draw closer to Him, they tend to be lost on what has happened in their spirit that they cannot.

Jesus said seek and you will find; draw near and I’ll draw near to you. Why are we missing Him? Though there is a great desire by many pastors for revival, it’s a struggle to see just a glimpse.

Revival is not an action or feeling that we go to church or a tent meeting to feel on occasion. It should not be anything we turn on; or turn off at will. Revival is something that should be done on a daily basis. Paul said for those of us BEING saved, and he said to sacrifice yourself daily. If you sacrifice daily without reviving yourself in our Lord, you are just deader each day. But really, when I look around in the churches, people are the walking dead, spiritually speaking.

The Golden Gate Bridge in California is constantly being painted. They go from one end to the other and once they reach the end, they go right back and start over again. If they do not continue to repaint the bridge, the water and salt corrode the metal.

Most people in the church (all churches) are rusty and corroded by the things of the world, and they need to be repainted or revived.

I believe a great move of God is coming. I’m not sure that revival would be the right word to use but even as we speak there is a great division that is happening within the church. Those willing to sacrifice themselves are drawing closer to God while those unwilling are drawing further. As the middle-class family is fading away in the US economy, so the middle of the road is fading away in the house of God. Which side are you going to be on? Do you want to see the truth about what is happening? Do you want revival in your life?

I once heard an evangelist say if you want revival to draw a circle on the floor, kneel in that circle and pray for revival within that circle.

"For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34

As I look back on my walk with God since 2006, I see the conversations I strike up with individuals and the saying is so true; what the mouth speaks so the heart thinks.

I’ve gone from dispensational teaching to a mix, to Israel history, Roman history, Catholic history, American History, World geopolitical events, the truth about the corrupt church and the harlot churches. Through each level of my study, the subject that I talked about most was that which I was in the process of studying at the time. And, because I’ve studied the negative side of the end days and failed to keep time in studying the positive of God’s remanent church, I ended up with a very negative outlook on life and I lost my revival.

In Deuteronomy 11, Moses said to study the word morning, day, and night that to bind Gods Word on your hands and make them as frontlets between your eyes. Moses knew that what we studied would be what we thought (between the eyes) and what we did (hands).

When I was growing up in small-town Tennessee, I had the top of the line home computer... Commodore 64 (Google it, young folks). I had a TV in my room... 24 inches and we had the large screen TV in the living room... a 36 inch; and the common phrase was, “we have twenty channels and nothing on”. Cordless phones just came on the scene (that’s cordless not cell) and if you said you got the new windows it meant you had new windows put in your house. We talked face to face, played board games, and I remember my parents reading books and studying the Bible.

Our church services consisted of Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. My school had a sports program... basketball; some other schools had football and track. Summer sports consisted of little league to which was a short season that it did not matter to anyone if you were there or not. And, on Sunday the streets of town rolled up and you were lucky to find anything open other than the convenience store on the corner and the dairy bar a block away from that.

Now we fast forward just thirty years and I’m now my parent's age back when. A small TV is 40 inch, people have many different video games systems with many games for each that are so realistic you can’t tell them from real life. People, including people of my parent's age, are LIVING!!!! on the computer, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok; they all consume the time of everyone from teenage years to grandma and grandpa ages. Putting every aspect of their lives out there for the world to see looking for attention as they post pictures of their life, comments about their everyday activities, and even sometimes quotes from the Bible; only to wonder why no one responded to their messages and pictures.

Talking face to face has just about become a thing of the past; we now read a conversation on small screens we carry around with us. The most popular subject in conversations is the recent ball game, race, reality TV show, how the person cut them off today, all housework that needs to be done, and the running around of the children to every sport under the sun all year long.

What’s on the minds and hearts of those who say they serve God?

In 2 Chronicles 34, King Josiah, desiring to serve the God of his father, cleaned the idols from the land, and then cleaned the temple. While they were cleaning the temple they found the book of Moses; the law of God.

Make sure you understand this, they had to clean the temple because it was neglected; and they had LOST the Word of God, WITHIN the temple of God.

Jesus said, tear this temple down and in three days I’ll rebuild it. The temple today is our body and we’ve neglected the temple and it needs to be cleaned. We need to find that word of God because it’s lost.

During the time of Josiah, they still had the temple, still had the traditions, still had the “church” relationships, but they allowed the idols to enter the land and they neglected the temple.

We have allowed idols come into our land (our homes and lives), by way of sports, TV, reality shows, video games, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other computer-related worldly things. We have allowed the idols to enter and we would rather spend our time talking about our favorite team, the last game, entering our lives on Facebook and Twitter than to talk about our God. Thus, we’ve neglected the temple and lost the Word of God.

We as Christians try to say we have no idols before our God, but we rather talk about the things of this world than our God, we rather watch the things of this world than study the Word of God, we rather learn what is going on in the lives of people on the computer, Hollywood stars, and reality shows than learn about the life of our Savior.

When the children of Israel were in the desert, God fed them with manna. I believe that one reason He did not drop manna on Sabbath, other than being Sabbath, was that it was a sign that it was not natural, but supernatural. Yet, after a while, they got bored with it.

All these high tech gadgets, multiple sports, and super entertaining shows have gotten our attention and we have become bored with the Word of God.

Josiah had the words of the lost scroll read to him and he tore his clothes. That was a sign of great sorrow and of repentance, and he cried.

Before there is a latter rain harvest, there’s a latter rain and it comes through tears of repentance watering the Word of God.

Once Josiah cleaned out the idols, cleaned the temple, and read the Word of God, a revival began. But here’s the thing, first he had to have a DESIRE to serve the God of his fathers, our God.  

Revival will not come through your church, it will not come from God. It will come through a desire of God by only you.

For those who DESIRE revival within themselves, they need to clean out the idols of their land; they need to fast technology. And they need to find that Word of God that has been lost in that neglected temple.

A move of God is coming in these last days, are you going to let it pass you by while your busy with the things of this world?

There was a man whose boat sank and he floated ashore on an island. The local tribe ran out, threw him on their shoulders and started carrying him through the woods. He was nervous about what was getting ready to happen.

Once they reached the village, they placed him in a large seat and covered him in fine animal skins and brought him the best foods. It did not take him too long to realize that they were looking to him as their leader.

Over the next serval months, he learned their language and found out that they appoint a new leader every year. He asked what happens to the old leaders and they pointed to an abandoned island and said they must live the remainder of their lives there, but they usually die from starvation within a few months.

During the remainder of his term as leader, he ordered that a home is built on that island he was going to be living on. He had a well dug and food planted. He determined that since the place he was on now was not his permanent home, he needed to make sure he was ready for his permanent home; therefore he spent the rest of his time in preparation.

I look around and it seems that most of the Christians today are living their lives like this is it; like there is nothing left after this life. People fail to realize that from the moment we are born, we are dying. This life, on this planet, is not our permanent home. We should be spending our time here preparing for our life in our permanent home, but that’s not happening.

Thy Kingdom come!

The Bible says about Jesus, as in His traditions He went to the synagogue. While Jesus did not go through the motions of going to church, I notice in the church today that most do. It is a tradition, they want people to think good of them, whatever reason, they miss the reality of church... it’s God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Heaven will be the children of God, in the presence of God, living with and praising God. We are always in the presence of God; but when we go to church, we enter into a whole new aspect because if we go DESIRING Him, where we gather there He IS!

When we are at church I believe we are closer to His Kingdom then we will ever be until the day we are taken away to be with Him. We are in the presence of God, gathered with children of God, shouldn’t we be praising God in this reality?

I have a challenge for those who DESIRE a revival in their lives. There is NOTHING in this world that is more important than our God; no games, no shows, no school games, no computer social networks, nothing. You know, Facebook and Twitter can be God’s evidence that we had time for Him when we claim we didn’t. Fast these things that are taking time out of your life from God. A week, two weeks, three weeks; how bad do you want revival in your life? Study His Word, learn about our Lord, our Savior, our Father. Give Him more than that second look, truly give Him your life; stop His tears of sorrow in His pillow because you will not give Him time.

God Bless everyone