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"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

What makes this site different from other sites? There are four primary things I'm trying to introduce with this site.

1. View the Bible from a Hebrew way of thinking and teaching. That statement may scare some people but I'm not showing "Judaism". We must remember that this book is written by and written to Hebrews who have different ways of doing things than gentile. Even to the handful of letters written to the Gentile, they lived in a different time and culture; and had a different view and way of speaking. Americans believe in teaching and learning in an academic way with definitions and bullet points while Hebrews believe in teaching and learning through discovery by means of imagery and literary structures. In many of the articles on this site you'll see the wonderful messages hidden within the pages of the Bible intended to be discovered.

2. I want people to see how to discover what is written within these texts. Rather than just telling you what the text says, I want you to be able to learn how to find these hidden gems by yourself when you sit down with your Bible. Like the Hebrew, I believe truth is retained better and a greater desire to study established through discovery.

3. I want to make people think. My goal is not to gain followers or have people buy into or blindly believe what I see in the text. My purpose of this site is to initiate the natural God given curiosity and questions of if what they believe is correct and cause professing followers of God to go to Scripture and see what it actually says.

4. I desire to make actual followers of God. If people are honest with themselves, they will know they are followers of grandma, a denomination, their church, their favorite evangelist, or just whatever they want to believe. Unfortunately, this makes them followers of people and institutions and not followers of God. How can we trust these people and institutions when they have such a wide range of beliefs of who God is and how He operates? The only true way to follow God is to dive into His Word and discover the beauty of the text for yourself.

When going through this site, I want you to remember that no person has it perfect. I've got the site broke down into sections of interest.

In the site you'll find sections that are just my random thoughts (
Pondering) and these are not any kind of gospel and I'm not saying they are truth. They are just random thoughts of "what if".

There's a section on what I've discovered from Revelation (
Prophecy) but you'll find it's a minor portion of the amount of text actually there. The purpose is to help you see how the popular teaching has distorted understanding of the text.

My section on
Treasure is studies showing some of the hidden treasures of the Bible just waiting to be discovered.

The section on
Misunderstood's is looking at different beliefs that have been mis-taught and misunderstood and each study breaks down the Scripture in a way that will help you see the truth and also equip you with tips on discovering these treasures for yourself.

There's a section of just straight up Bible understanding (
Just Bible), not based on denominational or popular beliefs but looking through Scripture as a whole and seeing what the whole Bible is saying on the subject.

We got married while she was a senior in high school, over 35 years ago. The
Marriage section is a breakaway from traditional teaching on marriage and a deeper look at what the Bible says; and this has keep our marriage peaceful and filled with love for the last 15 years.

I have a section of
Study Tips that is also constantly being updated with new tips to help you discover treasure in God's Word.

Blog is random thoughts that come to my mind when meditating on my day, what I have said through the day, and God's Word. Sometimes they relate to other sections of this site and sometimes they are straight up random.

Logic page contains logical thinking on different questions and debates in the world today and about the Bible.


The name of this ministry put’s a preconceived notion in the heads of the readers that this ministry is all about end day prophecies - it’s not.

● a surprising and previously unknown fact, esp. one that is made known in a dramatic way
● the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown
● used to emphasize the surprising or remarkable quality of someone or something

Revelations Revealed is a ministry and site which has a primary purpose of showing the truth of what the Bible says in contrast to popular teachings, theology, and religious practices. What makes this ministry any different from others? What makes that which we show to be right above anyone else? First, we all need to understand that ANYONE can come into error in their interpreting of Scripture. The problem with almost every denomination, evangelist, theology, and the likes is that they come to the Bible with a preconceived notion and a theological slant. Their methods of studying Scripture are in a major error. The Bible is a series of writings which God communicated to His people in a different time and culture. We must understand the Bible in that context, then bring it to our time and culture. At Revelations Revealed, we show the reader what the Bible says based on the context of the Bible and history. We then look at the timeless truths that bridge over to the 21st century. In our most recent releases, we also show you, the reader, exactly what we are looking at so that you can learn to see the Bible in its true form.

Who Am I?

The biggest error in this world is a school that teaches beliefs rather than how to come to a belief. If you go to a School in Canada, they will teach a different story of WWII than that taught in the U.S. Likewise, a baptist seminary will teach different beliefs than a methodist seminary which are different than a non-denominational seminary, and so forth. These schools will teach you what to belief and why to believe but they will not teach you how to believe. They will not teach you how to study Scripture and think logically on the text so you can know how to believe based on Scripture.

The first barrier I had to break was how to study Scripture. I first started by looking at the different beliefs in the denominations and examining Scripture to see how they came to those beliefs and which ones were correct. From this point I found out the importance of context. Without context, everything goes wrong. Context is king. But there's also literary structures, genres, history, language, etc.

Understanding the Bible to be a Hebrew book filled with things only Hebrews knew, my wife and I attended a messianic synagogue for a few years. We wanted to walk through the different feast and festivals and pick the brains of a couple rabbis who were born and raised in the land of Israel.

My understanding of Scripture has been a journey but I'm still not anyone of any significance. I have knowledge but I don't have all knowledge - not even a mustard seed worth. Remember that we know in part and teach in part (1 Corinthians 13:9-12). Because I know that I could be in error in parts, my goal is not to have you follow what I believe but to cause you to think and second guess what you've been raised to believe your whole life. Matthew 7 makes it clear that following man can lead us to cry Lord Lord.

We hope you enjoy this site and that it’s a blessing to you in your walk with the Living God.