During the Council of Trent, the Reformers lost because; while they said “the Bible and the Bible only!” their actions showed otherwise. While this message is not directly related to Sabbath, history tells us that the Reformers lost because they did not keep the seventh day Sabbath, one of the Ten Moral Laws of God.

There is a battle gaining more momentum between the religious and gay communities. If we listen to what they are saying, look at history, and read the Bible, we would see that they are right... and we need a drastic change in the professing Christian.

The gay community says, “how dare the religious come against us when they don’t follow their own book they judge us by”. It’s the same battle and the same loss to the Protestants.

In Romans chapter 2 Paul tells the Jew (or the followers of Christ vs:28) who resist of breaking the Law and boast in the things of God (vs:17) and keeps the Law of God according to God’s will which are the things which are more excellent (vs:18), that they will be a guide to the lost world (vs:19), an instructor to the foolish, a teacher of new Christians; which have a beginning knowledge of the truth of the Law of God (vs:20) [NOTE: This tells us that we do not compromise the things of God, especially the Law of God, to win souls, for new converts, or to keep old one’s in church; because not knowers of the Law of God, but DOERS of the Law will be justified (vs:13)]. Paul then gave us an example of the subject of this portion of this letter. And in this example, he also gives us a definition of what LAW he is talking about as many try to say the “new law” is merely love God and love your neighbor. If Paul did not keep Sabbath as many claim, or he taught against keeping the Laws of God (Ten Commandments) he then would be both a hypocrite and guilty of the very thing he is discussing in this portion of this letter. He asked if we practice what we preach (vs:21) and if we steal when teaching against stealing (vs:21); do we commit adultery (lust is also adultery (Matthew 5:28)) while teaching or preaching against committing adultery (vs:22), do we hate idols while having them (vs:22)? Anyone who teaches these things which are right and good and honorable to God in His Law (vs:18) yet break that Law dishonors God (vs:23). This is why the Protestant lost during the council of Trent. This is why the Christian has problems converting lost souls. This is why people make fun of the Creator which is God; because of those who say one thing; yet do another (vs:24). It’s not those who just know the Law and teach the Law; but those who do the Law which is justified (vs:13). If we lived our lives to God’s word and His Law and showed it not just through nine of the commandments but all ten by keeping also the Sabbath we would not be a dishonor to God (vs:23) and would be found righteous in His sight (not through obedience of the Law but through faith in Christ and our evidence of our love of Christ by keeping the Law (John 14:15)). Then, we would be a light of the world (vs:19) and not a mockery (vs:24). Then maybe the Protestant can win rather than being the harlot of the Mother (Revelations 17) and lose our souls.

How can one teach you shall not be homosexual when you feel fine in your lust of the flesh of both adultery and covetousness? How can we tell those in the gay communities they need to honor and follow God when we don’t honor God in HIS Sabbath, or other commands? If we teach against one (or even nine) yet break another; we are still guilty (James 2:11). Many defend their breaking of the Law by saying things like, “forgiven not perfect” yet while this is true for the fall into sin it is not true for those who freely break the Law of God (Hebrews 10:26-27)

We need to clean up our house! The time is short and we are but a dim light in the darkness as we are stained not with the blood of Christ but with the compromise of the world.