Recently, Alex Malarkey admitted that he made up the stories of his trip to Heaven. The first thing people typically want to do is get mad and start persecuting him. Yet, we all have messed up; and we’ve all lied. The angels rejoice at one who repents; therefore, should we not rejoice with them?

I am so glad that Alex came out, admitted, and repented of his deeds. I only wish the others would do the same. There are many books that claim visits to Heaven or Hell: many that have hit the best selling charts. They hit the best selling charts because most people believe the accounts - accounts that are not Biblical.

“Heaven is For Real” is a book based on the fanciful account of a 4 year old boy who claims to have gone to Heaven. While he was there he got a halo and some wings; but he didn’t like them because they were too small. Everyone in heaven has wings and flies from place to place. There are swords and bows and arrows in heaven that the angels use to keep Satan out of heaven. He said that Jesus rides a rainbow colored horse and wears a golden crown with pink diamonds in it.

Then we have “23 Minutes in Hell” where the author claims he went to hell and was locked in a prison cell that was rather dark. When his eyes adjusted there was two demons in the cell with him and looked upon him with hate. They then started to beat on him and torture him. The Bible talks of torment, but not by demons. The Bible talks of fire, smoke, thirst, and worms that never die. The bible also tells us that hell was created for satan and his demons. They don’t rule over hell, hell is their punishment. They don’t torture man in hell, they are tortured next to man in hell.

Jessie Duplantis likes to tell about his visit to Heaven where he went in a tram type of train. While there he met Abraham and Paul. He saw Jesus walk out from inside God. He saw the large mansion that was built for him. And, he watched as God merely raised a finger from His hands resting place and lightning shot out and knocked over some angels (as if God does not have control of His power). It’s hard to say what he believes is true because his account changes with each story telling I’ve heard.

These books and stories are being bought up by the millions and the story tellers are making a fortune out of selling fictitious stories about Heaven and Hell. This goes to show that the majority of people who profess to follow the Bible know nothing about what the Bible says on these subjects; thus can not separate facts from fiction.

"For anyone who truly believes the Biblical record, it is impossible to resist the conclusion that these modern testimonies -- with their relentless self-focus and the relatively scant attention they pay to the glory of God -- are simply untrue, They are either figments of the human imagination (dreams, hallucinations, false memories, fantasies, and in the worst cases, deliberate lies), or else they are products of demonic deception."
John MacArthur

The Bible does not tell us about anyone who has ever went to Heaven and came back.

No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven —the Son of Man
(John 3:13 NIV)

All the accounts of Heaven, in the Bible, are visions and not journey’s. Even with visions of Heaven, these are very rare. Only four Biblical authors had visions of Heaven (Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, John). Not one single person who came back from life, from the Old Testament or the New Testament, wrote down, or made a single statement about Heaven; including Lazarus, who had plenty of time in the grave - four days.

All the authors who had a vision of Heaven gave very small detail about what they seen; yet they all agree perfectly. Their fixation was not on Heaven but rather on God who defines Heaven and illuminates everything there. While there, they were silenced, humbled, and in awe of the sheer magnitude of the Glory of God. You will notice what they did not talk about. They did not talk about all the frivolous features and juvenile accounts that seem to dominate every Heaven account that has been on the best sellers list in the past several decades.

There is too much at stake in our lives, and other’s lives, to follow fantasy writings that appose Scripture. Why do we need these books when we have the Bible? Which is more-so neglected today for the reading of fantasy writings claiming to be facts. We have the Bible. Let’s absorb ourselves in this Word and see the Glory of God according to the book that has survived centuries of persecution to make it into our homes.
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